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KD8AUE Ham Station

Received Tech license in 2004 and my General license in 2005. Equipment used regularly is Yaesu FT-840, Kenwood TS-440S, Drake T-4X Transmitter, R-4B Receiver, Drake MN-2000 Tuner, Yaesu FT-101E,EE. Antennas are: 80 meter CF Dipole, 10 meter Solarcon vertical. Seem to be on 80 meters and 10 meters for now. Hope to chat with you [...]

W8RIC Ham Station

Rick, was first licensed as a Novice in March 1979, upgraded to General 1981, and then to Advanced in 1988, Extra in 2011. Rick taught Morse code for Novice classes for 10 years, helping others to obtain their Ham Ticket. Ham Radio is a hobby that Rick has spent many late-night hours dialing around the [...]

W5HHU Station and pictures

WO8G Amateur Station Pictures